Longmire Swaging, Setting the Standard in Water Well Repair using our Hydraulic Swaging Process Since 1975.

Setting the Standard in Water Well Repair using our  Hydraulic Swaging Process

Since 1975

Longmire Swaging has the team and the tools

In the water well repair business, you don't want to mess around. Compression breaks can be potentially devastating if left unrepaired.  In the face of corrosion compression's or even small holes, your entire and pump system can be completely compromised. You don't just need professional swaging, you need the best in the industry, a family business that been working in well repairs since 1975. An entire team that has mastered their craft. You need Longmire Swaging, the best in water well repair! 

We have 6 swaging units ready to serve you. Any casing repair from 6" to 26", to depths below 2000 ft. 
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