Our Process

When Longmire Swaging is called out to repair a water well casing, these are the steps.
Step 1

Call your Pump Company

The customer contacts their pump company to remove the water pump from the well.

Step 2

We Video Survey the Well

We make a thorough survey of the well using our underwater video camera, which features both "down the hole" and side-view capabilities. The camera locates the break(s) or holes in the casing, and the foot counter tells us how far down they are. The video is projected on our flat-screen monitor so the customer can watch along with us. We make a digital archive of the video for review at any time.
Step 3

We Setup the Rig to Repair the Well

After we finish the video survey and identify the problems with your well, we setup our rig to begin the repair.
Step 4

We Swage the Well.

We lower the swage down the well, linking 25-foot lengths of pipe together until the correct depth is reached. The swage is fitted with a 4-foot pressfit metal patch that is pressed into place in the casing once the swage reaches the desired depth. sealing it off from any further gravel or debris. 
Step 5

Acid/Brush/Airlift if needed

After patching the well casing, if needed we will clean the well to its original depth and run acid and brush to clean out any plugged up perforations. 
Step 6

We Post the Videos of the Before and After

After the repair is complete, we re-survey the well to verify that the well has been repaired accordingly.  
Step 7

Contact Your Pump Company to Reinstall your Pump

The customer contacts their pump company to replace the pump and the customer will see cleaner, higher water flow at the fraction of the cost of drilling a new well.
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