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With it's fleet of mobile swaging units, Longmire Swaging has the capability to be on site anywhere in the United States. We've repaired wells throughout the entire state of California as well as in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, and Texas.

Each mobile unit consists of a swage rig, a water truck to power it, and a trailer for hauling the pipe and equipment. As part of our commitment to providing complete water well repair solutions, we're flexible enough to offer the value option of working in tandem with your water pump company and their local rig.

Bill Longmire, President:

(559) 707-6673
[email protected]

Dillon Longmire:

(559) 381-7542
[email protected]

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Bill Longmire: (559) 707-6673
[email protected]
Dillon Longmire: (559) 381-7542
[email protected]
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